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Musing: March Retrospective

Dear Readers,

March in retrospect.

In the month of March it was the start of spring, and as such, nature poems started to creep into my daily writing such as Pagans of Spring and Howling. A friend also moved across the country prompting the poem Journey in Haiku and Dark Windows. There were also some poems about reflections on being younger like Evening Fire, City Lights, Running the Night, and MO. In the top 10 was also a poem inspired by The Guest House by Rami, Being Human Is, a prompt likely explore it more in the future. Lastly, there was a personal interest poem, about how the music from Ireland made its way to Appalachia in America, in From the Isle to the Holler.

The experimental poems for the month were a Nonsense VerseNonsense, a LimerickNine Lies Limerick, a LyricDomesticated Lyric, and MadrigalBlue Bird Madrigal.

I published four short stories in March. Detective, Hunter is a story about hunting down magic users. New Horizons is about having to leave the Earth and finding the new home to be a lonely place. Both Fate of Brasov Station and Betrayal are twists on classic horror stories (I’ll let you read them so as to not give away the twist).

In photography I went down to Seattle at night and captured some pictures of the neon signs and the Space Needle. One of those photographs I used as a background to a poem.

My advice this month is that we don’t always need to reinvent the wheel. There isn’t much that is original out and the world, and sometimes taking inspiration from things that have been written before can be just the spark we need to jump start our own works.

The top poems from March

1.Pagans of Spring
2.Being Human Is
3.Journey in Haiku
5.Evening Fire
6.From Isle to Holler
7.City Lights
8.Empty Spaces
Top 10 Poems in March

I also published four short stories in March.

1.Detective, Hunter
2.New Horizons
3.Fate of Brasov Station
Top 4 Stories in March
1.Running the Night
2.Seattle at Night
Top 2 Photograph Stories in March

Leave a comment and let me know what some of your favorites were.

I also appreciate the help you all give from sharing my posts, thank you!

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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