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Poem: If Hurt Was

If hurt was a person it’d be you
Of all the broken bones
Fallen scraped knees
Wounds and scars I’ve earned
As parts of adventures or lessons
They’ve all healed eventually
Not you though
You are the hurt that persists
That waits for me to wake up
After lingering way to long into the night
The pain that strikes in lonely moments
After startling me away from joy in a crowd
There’s no soothing your hurt
In places where salves can’t reach
Weeping wounds that can’t be bandaged
Only numbed by poisons that lead to regret
You are the hurt that is cruel
That won’t kill to end the suffering
Lingering like a constant ache
A reminder of the mistakes
That can’t be undone
Worst of all you are the hurt
That I inflicted on myself

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “Poem: If Hurt Was

      1. I agree, but I think the easiest way to maintain a great relationship is to give up the fight to always be right and to let go of unreasonable expectations.

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      2. Very true… it’s easy to just want things a certain way when that’s what we’re used to. But this poem really got me thinking, especially those last few lines because that’s exactly what I do. After a very long while, I can say goodbye to the people who’ve hurt me, but I tend to hold onto my battered heart, when I really should let that go too. Anyway, it’s something I’ll be thinking about more intentionally now.

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