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Poem: Coffee in Spring

Coffee in spring is a matter of timing
Early in the morning black
Where smokey tendrils draw wisps
Dancing in the air between us
As we share our dreams 
From the night before 
With bodies huddled close
Against the dark chill of the night

In the afternoon coffee hot
Becomes a questionable decision
The temperature struggling
To stand out against mid afternoon heat
When we should be inside talking
Instead of here midday
As business associates would be
Discussing the days affairs
To while away the day until quitting time
There’s no intimacy under harsh light

Coffee in the evening is questionable
Dictated by the moments before
It is poured into cups before us
When night temperature is crisp
Appropriate for hot beverages
Yet late enough to require decisions
On if the caffeine is worth it
Following a good meal with fullness
Of stomachs and hearts
That allows us to settle post night cap
Or is it served alone and late
On nights where sleep won’t come
To beds that are empty of lovers
Who are having their own drinks
Somewhere else under the flower moon

So many meaningful considerations
Holding the beauty of spring
In the many opportunities it presents
To make a choice to drink or not
Best pondered over that infinite blackness
Steaming in my cup

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


11 thoughts on “Poem: Coffee in Spring

    1. I appreciate it. My longer form poetry doesn’t seem to get quite the same attention as shorter form responses. I’m wondering if there is something in particular you enjoyed or that caught your attention?


  1. Just the imagery and the way your describe a certain ritual of the pleasantries of coffee. I can almost smell it. David Lynch would like your post too 😊
    As for longer form not getting attention could possibly be due to the fact that there’s so much writing out there that people can’t take in lots of information. I am not much of a reader myself to be honest so I don’t read much either. People think that most writers are avid readers. I am not. I once wrote a tiny poem on WordPress saying: Only writers read what writers write…
    This stood out tho and I like coffee words. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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