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Poem: Restrained Art

Sitting on the edge of anticipation
And the bed she undoes her heels
Pulls up her stockings falling
Back onto disheveled sheets of silk
Perfumed smelling of roses
Here she undresses piece by piece
Waiting for him to take his piece
Unlike her disturbed peace
His is the calm patience of an artist
Drawing out the moment on a canvass
Where he’ll sculpt his masterpiece
With blindfolds and restraints
Breaking down the art work
With fine strokes that dance 
On the edge of pleasure and pain
Where all the pieces of her fall apart
Where words fail to sensation
Building up into waves crashing in reverse
Raising the broken pieces
Back up into a mountain top
Where glory comes
Awash in sunlight and sweat

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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