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Poem: The Living Part Two

They walk the old boardwalk hand in hand
The first place she asked to go on vacation
Telling him it reminded her of her youth
He agreed wanting to see her smile
Like she used to smile when they first fell in love
Instead he saw sadness in her eyes
And a quietness that reflected past memories
That she still hides from him after all these years
Though he recognizes the longing in her eyes
If she paid attention she would notice it in his own
Theirs is a love of comfort and safety
A mutually agreed on trade off for passion
It’s warm and familiar like a cage at a zoo
And like the tiger there his heart paces
Back and forth wanting to hunt again
At the same time wondering if he could still hunt
Or if the years of domestication had turned him
Into nothing more than a docile pussycat
Fat and content and just dreaming
Of what it would be like in the jungles again

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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