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Poem: The Living Part One

She holds a hand wrinkled by age
Along the sand cooling I sunset
While younger couples run by
Hand in hand laughing between kisses
Reminding her of a young blond
In a polka dotted bikini at the beach
On spring break in nineteen seventy one
Smells of sand, salt, and sun tan lotion
The red flush of her cheeks
As a boy of about nineteen approached
Tan abs and brilliant smile
Surrendering to his warm arms
By the bonfire ocean side
Before collapsing against his chest
Giving in to kisses under the stars
After the fire went down to embers
And their emotions still smoldered
Persisting as the week flew past
Until weeks end where promises passed
Between kisses that did not want to end
At home hidden in the back of a dresser
Is a bundle of postcards postmarked
Starting in California and then Saigon
Filled with young hope fading to fear
In words she watched his transformation
Changing word by word in each letter written
Until the letters did not come anymore
Those old letters still smell like that summer
That she still likes to visit time to time
When she was young and in love
Squeezing the hand of the one she still holds
She smiles at him telling herself this is okay

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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