Poem: In the Middle

The other girls were here in a few hours 
But they couldn’t tell them if you had stopped 
At them or they could always have a plan 
To get a hold on the earth or not
A good night to sleep in a little while 
I just got home from church 
I love them all day long 
As they were all over in church 
I love them and all I know I love them all 
I hope this helps them all day long 
Time to see them and all of the things 
That I have had to help you out and you know that 
You have a good time to too much 
And you enjoy the moon 
You have to have you and I love them 
And I hope this helps with your thoughts on the lord

Happy April Fools everyone. This was a procedurally generated poem “written” by pressing the middle suggested word on my writing app, with me just adding spaces to create form.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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