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Poem: Untouchable

Man my head is fucked up
It holds all the infinite possibilities 
While sitting in this present moment
With everything I could ever want
Where I am always wanting more

I see her walk into the room
Knowing she is not noticing me
The same way I’m noticing her
Each step she takes is meaningful
But I mean nothing to her

The carelessness of her smile
Pays no regard to the danger it hides
As it shoots straight through my heart
Piercing me and wounding me deeply
I am bleeding out and you do not notice

Laying out your feet hoping you notice
That I am something different
That I am someone who would rise
You up on the wave of my love
Maybe not a wave since they crash

I am crashing knowing you are untouchable
Knowing that you will be someone
Who will make someone else happy
And that’s where I try finding my happy
Knowing somewhere you are still smiling

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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