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Poem: Running the Night

On the night air rises
The songs of our youth
Taking your hand 
We take off down the road
Thinking maybe tonight
We will find some magic
And we can be that young again

Our voices rising up
Over those old songs
Made new in the night
Not a word was exchanged
Between us but we knew
Everything would be alright
With these four wheels under us

When the sun peeks through
Trees flying past the windows
Like waking dreamers
We hold on tighter
Trying to avoid the day
Moving inevitably onwards
Towards the dreams end

With a kiss and a laugh
Pretending  it’s alright 
Knowing it’s not as you pause
On your porch with one last glance
Before the screen door slams
Making the waking complete
As we head in different directions

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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