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Poem: Empty Spaces

In lonely hours I walk
Passing among the people
Who do not seem bothered
By how alone they are
And find some solace
In this I know companions

Back at home I find
Myself staring blankly
At a TV screen playing
Music from artists 
We used to watch together
When you were next to me 

I want to scream
Out into the darkness
That is surrounding me
To take it all away
I’d give it all away
For one more day

Where your smile still lit
Up my room like a stage
And I was up here
Preforming all my songs
In a crowded stadium
Ignoring everyone but you

Now it is for no one
Except these for empty walls
Filled with the echo of you
Reverberating through my empty
Skull filled with nothing
But memories of you

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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