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Poem: God’s Chosen Chattel

In the valleys and fields
Mountain homes and other
Far flung places
Away from the coasts
The urban areas where ideas
Are exchanged by the multitude
They gather in the enclaves
In little white churches
Praying to a god who left
Them to starve and fall
Into an unnecessary ruin
While praising white men
In blue suits and red ties
Telling them about deliverance
That is coming for them
That is being held back from them
By colored gay atheists
The coastal elites
Who do not understand
The salt of the earth
While these politicians preach
Their pockets are filling
With money of the people
Who want to salt the earth
By extorting the salt of the earth
Who stand with faces turned
Towards heaven praising
His name and the US of A
Waiting for his generosity
To trickle down
But they can’t see
God has left these places
As they have left him
Having given up on themselves
And doing for themselves
For an easy path of blaming
The other who doesn’t look like them
For their suffering
Instead of doing anything to help
Themselves in their moment of need
They will keep trying their knees
On church Sundays
Ignoring being on their knees
Every other day praising
The false idols who keep them
Blinded as useful chattel

Today’s poem was inspired by this monstrosity:

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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