Poem: Immortal Quest

In a place that lives in stories
Buried in dusty tomes
Written in ancient languages
Beyond the shifting sands
Lies the object of her desire
Deep in a temple nearly forgot

With staff in hand summoning
To her companions from the inn
Bold warrior from the west
Elfin prince from beyond the mountains
Bearded dwarf maiden from the deep
Towards untold perils they set out

Dangers faced along the road
From thief and orc and goblin
Befriending bards and kings alike
Across the seven kingdoms
They traveled to the edge of world
Known and then into the unknown

There lay the temple of her desires
Looming large in front of the adventures
Companions in pursuit of untold riches
While she concealed her search
Not for silver or golden trifles
But for a single shining gem 

Willfully into danger they plunged
Facing hidden dangers and traps
A misstep pitfall claimed the dwarf
The warrior fell swing his sword in battle
Fighting off undead guardians
Leaving just the elf and the mage

In the deepest of deeps below
Where torchlight barely illuminated 
Sat a single phylactery 
The resting place of an ancient lich 
The final challenging standing
Between her and her goal

The dread terror rose black
Blacker than the shadows
The mage casting light into the dark
As the elfin prince loosed arrows
Shot after shot driving back the evil
Until it’s withered soul was driven out

Resting in the shattered remains
Pulsing patiently in the darkness 
Blood red and seething with power
Was the gem she had searched
With the ability to grant her desires
For immortality a life unending 

Her remaining companion
Realized too late his role
As a pawn in her quest
Before he could notch an arrow
He lay dead at her feet
The first sacrifice of many

Clutching her gem stone prize in hand
What remained of her soul withered
Shrinking down to a jar shaped size
Where it would remain protected
In a hidden temple forgotten to time
Waiting in stories to be found again

This poem was inspired by a Thursday Theme post based on “Gems” on Reddit.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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