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Poem: Drip Drying

The rain keeps falling
As I’m sitting here
Drip drying drinking
Drip coffee dreaming
Of what I’ll say
When you sash shay
In from the storm
Shaking your umbrella
The same way you shake
Your hair not caring
That you’ve gotten me wet
Watching you move
In that careless way
Somewhere between arrogance
And ambivalence
And a lack of confidence  
Takes my voice
As you order your drink
Complicated like you
Hot and sweet
Worth waiting for
As I wait unsure
Of what I’m waiting for
Before you tip
Taking a sip
Looking out the window
At the storm still raging
Eyes searching for a seat
My heart willing
Your eyes to see the seat
Empty before me
Where your eyes linger
Before your mind changes
In the space I should have filled
With words that left me
Quicker than you left me
Deciding on the storm
Over drinks shared
At a table for two
Left with one

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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