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Poem: Good News

Do you hear their cries lord
As they raise them to you

Your name and your mothers name
The Holy Spirit and father
On their lips calling out
From cages where they sit alone
No mother
No father

Only you
In the prayers they were taught
From before they could speak
A savior who led the chosen
Out from slavery into the promise land
Oh lord my lord

Be merciful to your children
Deliver them from evil
Brought to them by man
Children who have no one else
To cry out to in despair

Do you hear them lord
The children still dream
Of all the imaginary things
That make the world feel safe
That make the world feel just
In their ignorance
That cries are heard by no one
Who cares

God damn it
More news about atrocity
Change the channel
See if Joel Olsteen is on
Blessed be

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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