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Poem: Oppression

Insidious undercurrents still run deep
Like hate filled tendrils wrapped tight
Around the heart of men believing
That there vision is the only one
That truly matters in the collection
Of voices that arise in opposition
Me too they scream and our lives matter
Where from their position of power
All lives matter in an affirmation
Of privilege and mockery of the experience
That others think they are entitled to 
Rise up and share the same space
Where wrapped in white hoods
They looked down on those viewed as less
Fearing that someone they deem less
Deserving may get more
While they settle for less themselves
Willfully blind to the bigger picture
Where everyone deserves better
When hands are used to lift up
Instead of pushing down to see
Just a little bit further to see
How far below we are together

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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