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Poem: Evening News

Talking heads on the TV
Tell the home viewer of the world
And the worries that fill it
From an environment trying to kill them
Before AntiFa turns their country
Into a socialist wasteland
Of healthcare for all and equality
On and on ad nauseam
Until the nausea sets in
From the bottle I’ve crawled in
To insulate my mind
From the waves of misinformation
Fake news and conspiracies
As I lie on my stained rug
Watching the ceiling spin
Its dirty splotches twirl
Speaking to me of hidden messages
That the hangover will chase away
When the vitamin k washes it away
Laying awash in the sun
As consciousness breaks
Over the wreckage of the night
The TV still murmuring
Sweet fears into the air
As I search for another bottle
To inoculate myself with

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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