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Poem: Shatter Star

A single star in the night bares your name
From that night you asked me to pick one
To remember you every time
I looked up and you weren’t there
Holding the knowledge 
That the star was closer to me
Than you would ever be again 

Thousands of galaxies were born and died 
With less consequence
Than that night I laid next to you
In sterile white sheets
Watched over by machines that beep and whirl
 Where you could barely lift you head
And you asked me if I could see your star
I can
Famous last words

Even on cloudy nights I know
It is up there shining away
Every wish I lift up to it
Falling on deaf ears
I still like to hold conversations
With the personification of you 
Shining millions of miles away

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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