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Poem: Undefined

The sound of the evening
On a beach with her standing there
Moon behind her hanging
Like a halo around her hair
Done like she always did it
In that favorite shirt of mine
Holding her in all the right places
Like I would hold her
With the scent of her
Lingering on me long after
We stopped dancing to our song
With reckless abandon
As our toes kicked up the sand
Until we fell on our backs
That rising and falling laugh of hers
Filling the evening air
As we looked at the stars
Long enough to watch them move
Towards a sun rise
Before we’d rise
Moving towards your awaiting car
Packed with the things you would take
Including a passenger seat full
Of memories when I sat there
Taking my place as you left
With me standing watching
You disappearing into the horizon

A poem inspired by the back and forth around another poem, regarding leaving aspects of the poem undefined to allow the reader to fill in the spaces with their own memories.

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.


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