Poem: Impeachment Day

 Standing before the crowds
 Arms raised in a sign of victory
 Cheers rise from their hoarse throats
 Desert dry from adoration
 Or anger or anxiety
 Self-loathing and embarrassment
 For a moment they are free
 On the lie that they’re not to blame
 Their suffering isn’t justice
 When there is someone else to blame
 Why change now
 When it’s through no fault of their own
 Why change now 
 When he has brought them so far
 From their suffering
 Of the responsibility of actions
 Why change now
 When there is someone else to blame
 For his loss
 For his suffering
 One of us
 They chant in hoarse voices
 As they lift the defeated dream
 Clinging to the corpse
 That is bloated from bullshit
 To keep themselves afloat
 We’re special we were told
 And for a moment we were
 Until on a vote and a gavel
 They expelled the leader
 A temporary set back
 There’s always someone else to blame 

Copyright © 2021 TJS Sherman All rights reserved.

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